Rock Terror Attack on Children's Bus in Samaria

No one was hurt. Attack took place near the place where Adelle Biton was gravely hurt.

Gil Ronen ,

The rock, in Ahikam's hand
The rock, in Ahikam's hand

Arabs carried out a rock terror ambush against a bus carrying children to school in Samaria Tuesday morning. No one was hurt.

The attack took place on the Nahal Kana road, between Revava and Yakir. The bus was driving down a major road, not far from where a toddler, Adelle Biton, suffered grave wounds in a rock ambush five weeks ago

Adelle is still in grave condition at the Intensive Care Unit of Schneider Children's Hospital.

The head of the Samaria Regional Authority, Gershon Mesika, reacted with rage to the attack and demanded that the Prime Minister  and Defense Minister act to stop the what he termed as the "rock terror."

"Despite the determined speeches by the Prime Minister and the bellicose declarations by the heads of the defense establishment, the policy on the ground has not changed, and the chaos on the roads continues," he said.

The terrorism on the roads is a direct result of the "limp policy and lack of determination in the face of "a fully fledged terror campaign organized by the Palestinian Authority," he accused.

"When rocks are thrown at children who being driven to school – the IDF is supposed to take immediate counter-action," he said.