Lag Baomer Race to Memorialize Terror Victim

The youth of Beit Horon will memorialize Matat Rosenfeld with a race along trail of the Maccabees.

Gil Ronen ,

Matat Rosenfeld Hy"d
Matat Rosenfeld Hy"d
From memorial website

The youth of Beit Horon will memorialize their friend, Matat Rosenfeld, who was killed by terrorists, by running a race along the trail used by the Maccabees in a famous vicory.

The First Matat Race – Running in the Path of the Maccabees – will take place on the holiday of Lag Baomer, on April 29, near Beit Horon. It will include 2 km, 4 km and 6 km races.

The organizers recently established the Matat Movement, a "spiritual-social" movement for the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel. They call upon the public "to be part of the people of love and faith, who want to give the country renewed spirit and hope, and arouse the yearning for our destiny as a nation in its country, in accordance with the vision of the prophets."

Matat Rosenfeld was on her way back from Jerusalem to the community of Carmel when she met her cousin, Kineret Mandel, at the hitchhiking station at the Etzion Bloc. Terrorists who entered the junction gunned down the two, as well as a youth named Oz Ben Meir.

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