Binyamin Residents, ‘IDF has Abandoned Us’

Residents of Ofra, Adam upset as IDF removes security fences to ease Arab access.


Removing security fence of Ofra
Removing security fence of Ofra
Yoni Kempinski

Residents of Ofra and Adam have expressed upset over the IDF’s failure to build new security fences for their communities after having removed the old fences to improve Arab access to the area.

Fences around both towns were taken down one month ago after Palestinian Authority resident Arabs claimed ownership of land within the fences.

The PA residents filed a suit to the Supreme Court with help from the far-left Yesh Din organization arguing that the fences had been put up without authorization and prevented them from accessing their land. The court ordered the fences taken down.

A source in Ofra told Arutz Sheva that the removal of the fence has caused a serious threat to security. “The alternate fence is still not up. How can the IDF neglect the residents? The IDF’s job is to protect the Jews, not to give in to the diktats of the extreme left,” he said.

“The Central District commander must put up the alternate security barrier before there is a tragedy,” he added.