Jewish Response to Road Terror: Presence, Prayer

Jewish civilians take over response to road terror. ‘Here is our home, and this is our land.’

Maayana Miskin ,

Car after rock attack
Car after rock attack
Israel news photo by Ephriam Menashri

Jewish civilians in Judea are planning their own response to terrorism on the roads in light of what they term a lack of response from security forces.

On Wednesday evening civilians are planning a gathering at the northern entrance to the city of Efrat, to protect drivers from stoning by deterring Arabs from coming near.

The gathering is also intended to send a message. “We have a clear message… Here is our home, and this is our land,” said organizer Nadia Matar of the Women in Green movement.

“We will go about everywhere in our land as a free and sovereign people acts in its land,” she said.

“Stone throwing by Arabs at Jews is not only physically dangerous and causes physical harm, it also tarnishes the Jewish and national honor of us all,” Matar continued. “The goal of the Arabs is not only to murder the specific driver at whom the stones are thrown, they also want to sow fear among all the Jews, in an attempt to cause us to flee from the roads, and more generally, from all of Eretz Israel [the land of Israel – ed.].

"We won’t let this happen.”

The action will send a message to the army as well, she added, “that if they do not see fit to provide a military presence here, we will aid them and provide a civilian Jewish presence.”

Those taking part in what has been dubbed the Jewish Presence Response Operation will hold group prayers and will hear a short class on Torah while they watch over the roads.