PA Seeks Int'l Oversight of Israeli Prisons

The PA is using a terrorist’s cancer death as a springboard to push for international oversight of Israeli jails.

Maayana Miskin ,

Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority has complained to the United Nations Security Council over a terrorist’s recent death from cancer while serving time in an Israeli prison.

The PA has accused Israel of bearing responsibility for the death by allegedly not providing sufficient medical care.

The PA’s U.N. representative, Riyad Mansour, informed the Security Council that the PA is seeking international oversight of Israel’s prison system, where several thousand PA resident Arabs are serving time for terror-related offenses.

According to Voice of Israel radio, the PA is also demanding the release of terrorist prisoner Samer Issawi, who is on a hunger strike. Israel has already released several prisoners who went on hunger strike.

Issawi was jailed for violating the terms of his 2011 release. He had been released as part of the Shalit deal after serving just nine years of a 26-year term for attempted murder.

In addition to its U.N. appeal, the PA has used prisoner Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh’s death from cancer to appeal to popular sentiment.

PA officials ordered all schools to close on Wednesday in memory of Hamdiyeh, a self-confessed terrorist who built bomb belts for use in suicide attacks.

The PA previously blamed Israel for the death of a terrorist prisoner who suffered a sudden heart attack.