Lebanese Daily Renews Age-Old Jewish Blood Libel

Lebanese daily publishes article claiming that Jews eat matzah made with blood of non-Jews during holiday of Passover.

Arutz Sheva staff ,

Flash 90

The Lebanese daily Al-Sharq published an article last week that claimed that Jews eat matzah made with the blood of non-Jews during the holiday of Passover, renewing the age-old blood libel that has fueled vicious anti-Semitic attacks throughout the centuries.

Reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the article also called on the Palestinians to turn the Jewish holiday from one of joy and pleasure into one of “weeping and wailing.”

"... during the Jewish holiday of Passover… strange and bizarre rituals are held, according to instructions by the Talmud: Houses are cleared of all leaven, that is, all bread and bread products containing yeast, which are called 'hametz' in Hebrew,” the article in the Lebanese daily states.

"Additionally, on the holiday eve, the Zionist Jews eat unleavened bread which during its preparation is mixed with blood – but that blood must be from a non-Jew!! This unleavened bread is called 'matzah,'” says the article.

"Imagine someone eating matzah made with blood!? How do these barbarians think?? Such barbaric behavior – even in eating and drinking?!”

"Their 'precious' Talmud states: 'In certain cases, a man can kill a devil if he prepares the Passover matzah properly. The Jews have two blood-soaked events that satisfy God's will – one is the holiday of matzah containing human blood, and the other is the circumcision of our children...,’” it continues to allege.

"The matzah referred to here is the matzah of the Jewish holiday of Passover!”

"Today, they are not satisfied only with eating their blood-soaked matzah. Today, [there is a call] for settlers to invade the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and celebrate Passover [there].

"How can the world expect us to negotiate with people who crave the blood of human beings – not only in their wars, but even in their holidays?? If they want to conduct their ceremonies and their witchcraft, let them do so – but without provoking Palestinian feelings, and without harming the holy tenets of Christianity and Islam,” the article continues.

"Their damned Talmud neither respects nor recognizes any monotheistic religion. The Palestinians should challenge the Zionist aggressors and turn their holiday from one of joy and pleasure at the taste of blood into one of weeping and wailing," the article in Al-Sharq concludes, according to MEMRI.