Photos: Hevron Attracts 15,000 Visitors

Over 15,000 people visited Hevron on Wednesday and more are expected on Thursday.


מערת המכפלה
מערת המכפלה
דוברות היישוב היהודי בחברון

Hebron's Jewish community hosted over 15,000 people  on Wednesday and more are expected on Thursday. Ohel Yitzhak, the Isaac and Rebecca Hall is open to the public. The hall is located in the ancient Cave of Machpelah complex. Visitors took part in sightseeing tours of the historic city including the Cave of Otniel ben Knaz and the Tomb of Avner ben Ner, and modern sites such as the Hebron Heritage Museum at Beit Hadassah, the Avraham Avinu synagogue,  and other places.

On Thursday the the Hebron community will hosts tens of thousands at the annual Passover music festival, with  performances from top name acts. New York based singer Lipa Schmeltzer will headline the concert along with local musicians Haim Israel, Udi Davidi, the Kinderlach, Yishai Lapidot, Amiran Dvir, Benyamin Landau, Nadav Gilad, Ohad Mashiach and more.