PM Won't Attend Women's Issues Plenum

In perhaps a “politically incorrect” move, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he would not attend International Women's Day Knesset session.

David Lev ,

Prime Minister visits a battered women's shel
Prime Minister visits a battered women's shel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

In what some would call a “politically incorrect” move, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu informed members of the Knesset Women's Lobby that he would not attend special events being sponsored by the group in commemoration of International Women's Day on Tuesday.

In a letter MKs from the Lobby wrote to Netanyahu, they described the rich program planned for Tuesday. “There will be speeches and discussions in the Knesset on the conditions and problems of women in Israel, the issues affecting women with which the current Knesset will dea, and the ways the Knesset and the government can affect ongoing inequality,” the letter said.

“In the name of the members of the various lobbies in the Knesset that have come together to support this issue, we invite you to participate with us and attend the sessions in the Knesset, so that you can hear and understand the issues, and make your position on these matters clear. We have no doubt you will recognize the importance of these issues.” The letter was signed by 74 MKs.

In response, Netanyahu's office said that the Prime Minister did not participate in this kind of Knesset event.