Egyptian Court Acquits Jewish Leader of Fraud

President of the Egyptian Jewish community acquitted of fraud and embezzlement of $450,000, the Egyptian Independent reported.

Arutz Sheva staff ,

Egyptian Salafist holds copy of Koran
Egyptian Salafist holds copy of Koran

The president of the Egyptian Jewish community was acquitted last week of fraud and embezzlement of 3 million Egyptian pounds ($450,000), the Egyptian Independent reported.

Carmen Weinstein, who was acquitted by the Abdeen Court of Misdemeanors, had been sentenced to three years in prison in absentia by the Heliopolis Court of Misdemeanors in March 2010 over a land deal.

Egyptian businessman Nabil Badie Bishay had accused Weinstein of stealing three million Egyptian pounds, paying the money for a Jewish community property.

Weinstein then filed a countersuit claiming the accusation was baseless and merely another attempt at stealing Jewish community property.

According to Bassatine News, the miniscule Jewish community in Cairo, amounting to approximately fifty people, consists of mostly elderly women.