Arab MK: Israel Promotes Racism

An Arab MK with the Meretz party says Israel’s government is to blame for the beating of an Arab man.

Maayana Miskin ,

Israeli Arab protest (archive)
Israeli Arab protest (archive)
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Freshman MK Isawi Farij of the Meretz party has accused the state of Israel of inciting racism. In a statement to the press, Farij said the government was to blame for the beating of an Israeli Arab man in Yafo.

“This terrifying assault is a direct result of the racism that is spreading throughout all levels of the political establishment, with the government’s encouragement,” said Farij, himself an Israeli Arab.

The atmosphere in Israel is loaded with hatred for what is foreign, he claimed.

“We must not give in to the existing racism, and we must act together to at least stop its increase,” he continued. “Ignoring it will turn Israel into an unusual place where anything goes.”

Farij also called on the police to invest every effort in finding those who attacked the Arab man.

The victim of the attack, Hassan Osraf of Yafo, has said that his attackers were motivated by anti-Arab hate. The attack follows an incident in 2012 in which an Arab man was beaten by Jews who suspected him of attempting to rape a drunk Jewish woman, and several incidents in which Israeli Arab gangs have beaten Jews.

MK Dov Henin of Meretz has called to recognize Osraf as a victim of terrorism.