Non-Profit Summit to Help 'Upgrade' Organizations

Experts will gather to impart their wisdom to Israel-based non-profit organizations at the annual AMUTA21C non-profit summit.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
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Experts from the worlds of business, government, philanthropy, and non-profit will gather to impart their wisdom to Israel-based non-profit organizations of all sizes at AMUTA21C, Israel's third annual non-profit summit, scheduled for Monday, March 4 at the ZOA House in Tel Aviv.

Titled "From Presentation to Partnership: Telling Your Story," this year's program will focus on helping non-profit organizations effectively share their unique stories, from backstory to mission to goals. 

"We created AMUTA21C to help non-profit professionals learn about the latest trends in their field, expose them to best practices in every discipline, and encourage a culture of camaraderie – rather than competition – within the third sector," said Shoshanna Jaskoll, co-producer of AMUTA21C and co-founder of non-profit resource development firm Reach3K.

“But it's clear that we can make the greatest impact – on each individual non-profit organization and the third sector as a whole – by helping them understand how to solidify their own messaging,” she added. “Only when they learn how to express why they work tirelessly to make the world a better place, can they be assured that others will support their efforts to do so.”

The sessions for this year's summit will include "Telling Israel's Story," a discussion with IDF Spokesperson Avital Leibovitch, new media activist Avi Mayer, and journalist Ruth Eglash about the effective utilization of social media for storytelling and brand building, and "Iron Dome: And They Said it was Science Fiction," an inspirational lecture by rocket scientist Ari Sacher about believing in your own big ideas.

A new interactive session entitled "Make Your Pitch" will allow a select group of non-profit organizations – selected by their peers via the official AMUTA21C Facebook page – to pitch their causes and projects to and receive advice from a panel of top philanthropists, including Amy Lesnick (Full Circle Fund, Indiegogo), P.J. Weil (Belsito Asset Management Ltd.), Shuki Ehrlich (Giza Venture Capital), and Daniel Goldman (Goldrock Capital).

"This is not your typical stuffy conference.  It is a dynamic marketplace of ideas and resources and an incubator for intersectoral collaboration. The speakers dispense practical knowledge on every non-profit related topic under the sun, and participants are encouraged to compare notes and share best practices with one another," said Jonny Cline, co-producer of AMUTA21C and founder and director of UK Toremet, a British foundation for the promotion of the culture of philanthropy and a facilitator of charitable donations in the United Kingdom.

He added, “AMUTA21C is more than just a one-day event.  It is a movement to create a community that is both fully aware of and well-versed in all of the tools and opportunities available to the third sector – it is about empowering the third sector to move itself forward.”

The program will also feature workshops and "master classes" on every element of the non-profit storytelling process, including public relations, digital marketing, graphic design, and multi-media development.