Court Halts Razing of Jewish Homes in Etzion Bloc

Supreme Court President issues temporary order forbidding demolition at Maaleh Rechavam.

Gil Ronen ,

Destruction at Maaleh Rechavam
Destruction at Maaleh Rechavam

Supreme Court President Asher Grunis issued a temporary order Wednesday forbidding the IDF from continuing the demolition of homes at the Jewish community of Maaleh Rechavam in the Etzion Bloc.

The order forbidding eviction and demolition activities will stand "until another decision is given."

Meanwhile, dozens of nationalist activists demonstrated at the entrance to the Knesset building, to protest demolitions carried out at the community Wednesday morning.

A large police force arrived at the spot. Seven protesters were arrested.

Special Yassam police and Border Police were among the forces that sealed off approaches to Maaleh Rechavam in the morning, to prevent activists from reaching the scene of the demolitions.