Hareidi Academicians Make Less than Secular Ones

Study shows that 47% of hareidi academicians make up to NIS 7,200 per month.

Gil Ronen ,

Hareidi men
Hareidi men
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A study conducted by the Jerusalem Center for Israel Studies among graduates of the Ono Academic Center shows that hareidi academicians take longer to find employment than secular ones, and make less money on average.

According to the data published, 47% of hareidi students make up to NIS 7,200 a month, while about two thirds of their secular counterparts make more than that amount.

According to the study, while the average hareidi academician searches for a job for 6.58 months before finding one, the job search process takes only 4.6 months for secular academicians.

Employer responses to submissions of CVs are also less enthusiastic, on average, when the applicant is hareidi. For every three job interview a hareidi academician is invited to, on average, the secular academician is invited to four.

Only 4% of hareidi academicians received more than six replies for every 100 CVs they sent out, compared with about 25 replies for secular academicians.