Bayit Yehudi, Likud Talks 'Friendly'

MK Uri Ariel: the main topic in coalition talks was hareidi enlistment.

Gil Ronen ,

אורי אריאל יוצא מדיוני הרכבת הקואליציה
אורי אריאל יוצא מדיוני הרכבת הקואליציה
יוני קמפינסקי

The coalition negotiation teams of Bayit Yehudi and Likud / Yisrael Beytenu concluded their first session of talks Sunday afternoon.

Sources inside the negotiations said that the meeting was conducted in a good and friendly atmosphere.

The teams discussed the matter known as "equality in sharing the burden" – which refers mostly to enlistment of hareidi men into the IDF or national service.

Bayit Yehudi's team also raised other issues on the party's agenda including opposition to a Palestinian state, the strengthening of Jerusalem and its removal from the diplomatic negotiations agenda, the appointment of a Zionist Chief Rabbi, the idea of making Sunday a rest day a strengthening the status of the Sabbath, increasing competitiveness in the market, decreasing market "centralization," lowering prices and dismantling of monopolies.

"We discussed a series of civic issues," said MK Uri Ariel. "First and foremost was the subject of equality in the burden (hareidi enlistment). We think that agreements can be reached with the Yesh Atid party, and afterwards, to mediate with the hareidim, and we are acting in this spirit and hope to reach results quickly."

The negotiations will continue in the coming days.