Hareidi Students Choose Law, Business

Hareidi students prefer to study law, business and education, study finds. Most students have community support.

Maayana Miskin ,

Hareidi man, IDF soldiers at Kotel
Hareidi man, IDF soldiers at Kotel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A new survey has found that hareidi-religious students' most preferred fields of study are law, education and business management. The study of over 2,000 hareidi students was conducted by the Ministry of Trade and Labor and published in Globes.

Most hareidi students said they picked their chosen subject due to personal preference. Only 12% said the main factor in their decision was to find a degree for which there is high demand in the job market.

The study also found that, contrary to stereotypes, the hareidi-religious community was largely supportive of those who chose to pursue a higher secular education.

Of the students, 78% said their parents had been “very” or “extremely” supportive of their decision to attend college or university. Ninety-three percent had support from their spouse.

In addition, 76% said they had support from other relatives and 69% said friends and neighbors in the hareidi community had been “very” or “extremely” supportive of their decision to pursue a degree.

However, almost 30% said they had not received support, or had even faced opposition.