Gimpel: Voters will See Through Leftist Smears

Judge Rubinstein asks Kadima to provide him with video of Gimpel's statements on Temple Mount if it wants him to rule on disqualification.

Gil Ronen ,

Jeremy Gimpel
Jeremy Gimpel
Public relations

In the wake of the latest media attacks against the Bayit Yehudi, Jeremy Gimpel has fired back at those accusing him of incitement.

"The Bayit Yehudi is confident that this motion will be exposed as completely baseless and on Tuesday the voters will cast their ballots for Jewish pride, values, and equality, by voting for the Bayit Yehudi," Gimpel said in a press release. "Splinter parties on the left are desperately seeking to make headlines by twisting the truth and taking remarks out of context. The voters will see through it."

When asked about the allegations regarding the Temple Mount, Gimpel replied "I unequivocally oppose any violence at any holy site, whether it be the Kotel Plaza, the Temple Mount, or sites sacred to any other faith."

Responding to the fact that Kadima MK Yoel Hasson has filed a motion to disqualify Gimpel from the Knesset list, Gimpel released a video with the aim of bringing attention back to what he says are the real issues: "There are serious issues at stake in these elections: Israel's security, Jewish Identity, housing prices, cost of living, and more. I am calling on the public to see past the sensationalism and cheap shots and seriously consider which party represents their values, views, and hopes for Israel."

Central Election Committee Chairman, Judge Elyakim Rubinstein, instructed MK Hasson to provide him with a video recording or link for viewing Gimpel's statements regarding the Temple Mount.

According to Voice of Israel public radio, Hasson asked Judge Rubinstein to disqualify Gimpel because of alleged incitement to bomb the Dome of the Rock. However, Hasson did not bother to provide the judge with video and with legal arguments for Gimpel's disqualification.

The radio station quoted Judge Rubinstein as saying that while he has not expressed an opinion regarding the veracity of the quote Hasson provided, it "sounds very bad."

He told Hasson to provide him with "a serious complaint" by six p.m.

Voice of Israel claimed that Gimpel had called for bombing the Dome of the Rock, although he did no such thing.

Gimpel hopes to soon become the only "Anglo" Knesset member in the 19th Knesset