Bedouins, Jews Charged with Terror Plot

Two Jews accused of supplying stolen explosives to Arab brothers who planned rocket strike.

Gil Ronen ,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

Two Bedouin Arabs and two Jewish accomplices have been charged with planning a terror rocket strike on Israel.

The Shin Bet and the Negev Central Unit of the Israel Police arrested two Bedouin brothers, Mahmoud Abu Quidar, 25, and Sameh Abu Quidar, 22, in recent weeks. The two have admitted to being in contact with terror elements in Gaza and abroad, preparing explosive charges and attempting to build rockets for launching at Israel.  

Two additional suspects in the case are Jewish Israeli citizens, one of them an IDF soldier, who supplied the main suspects with weapons stolen from the IDF, which were used in preparing the explosive charges.

Mahmoud Abu Quidar admitted that he and his brother Sameh planned a series of terror strikes in Be'er Sheva, including a suicide attack at the Central Bus Station, intentionally running people over with a car at the Mirs building, and a terror attack against the Israel Railway.

Mahmoud collected intelligence on the selected targets and inquired into buying a vehicle for the planned terror attack at the Mirs building.

He admitted preparing pipe bombs at home, after reading instructions for their preparation on the internet. He detonated some charges in open spaces in order to test them, and stashed away others for use against police forces, should they try to evict his family from illegal homes.

He also planned to manufacture rockets and launch them at targets in Israel, and downloaded instructions to this end from the internet. He also purchased materials for constructing the rockets. These materials were found in his home and the instructions were found on his computer.

Mahmoud admitted to buying munitions from an enlisted soldier in return for drugs he supplied the soldier with. The two also plotted to steal a gun from the soldier's base, but the alertness of other soldiers there foiled this plan.

Sameh admitted to manufacturing explosive charges along with his brother. He also admitted to helping his brother hide the explosives.

Severe charge sheets were filed Friday against all four defendants.