Four Border Policemen Arrested for Brutal Hazing

Policemen were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the abuse of two rookie border policemen as part of an initiation ritual.

Annie Lubin ,

Border policemen (Illustration)
Border policemen (Illustration)

Four Israeli border policemen were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of being involved in the abuse of two rookie border policemen, who just finished their basic training, as part of an initiation ritual. 

The two young policemen were assigned to the unit, which is in the Maccabim area, in December. With their incorporation into the unit, the more senior border officers began to brutally haze the rookies. 

The four are suspected of handcuffing the rookie officers and beating them all over their bodies, punching them in the face and spraying pepper spray in their eyes. 

The incident was brought to light after the mother of one of the victims found out that her son was beaten and reported the abuse to his commanders, which led to a police report being filed. 

Three of the policemen confessed to the allegations and were placed under house arrest. The fourth policeman will appear in the Jerusalem Magistrate court on Wednesday.

The Border Police have transferred the investigation over to the Police Investigation Department, who are looking into the possibility that this is not an isolated incident but part of a broader phenomenon that may run deep within the ranks of Israeli security forces. 

Amid the scandal, the Border Police released a statement, which read,  "The Israel Border Police views this in the harshest manner and condemns this conduct which is incompatible with the spirit of the organization and its values, which places an emphasis on trust."