Principal to be Disciplined for Attacks on Likud

Education Ministry and Tel Aviv Municipality summon Ram Cohen to a hearing after political article.

Gil Ronen ,

Meretz "wedding" in Tel Aviv
Meretz "wedding" in Tel Aviv
Flash 90

The Education Ministry and the Tel Aviv Municipality have summoned Ram Cohen, the principal of high school to a hearing, after he published an overtly political article in a newspaper, Voice of Israel public radio reported.

In his article, Cohen attacked the ruling Likud Beytenu party and expressed support for the communist Hadash and radical leftist Meretz.

Cohen called, among other things, for advancing a "fighting opposition" that is not afraid of saying the word "occupation," and credited Hadash with blocking most of the "anti-democratic" attempts at legislation.

He told Voice of Israel that he has been forbidden from responding publicly to the disciplinary steps.

The Tel Aviv Municipality said that it sees the article's publication as a very serious matter and that "meaningful" disciplinary measures will be taken against the principal, if deemed necessary. Sources in the ministry said that he broke written rules laid down by the Ministry Director. is a new, groundbreaking high school that opened this year. Most of its classes are conducted through laptops and tablets, as opposed to more traditional means of learning.