State Given Extension to Evict Amona

The Supreme Court gives the State an extension until April 30 to evict the residents of the community of Amona from their homes.

Elad Benari ,

Flash 90

The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the State an extension until April 30 to evict the residents of the community of Amona from their homes.

Palestinian Authority Arabs backed by leftist groups have claimed ownership of some of the land on which several homes in the community were built. However, the residents of Amona said they had since legally purchased the land in question and the State then asked the Court to give it more time before the eviction so it can review the ownership claims.

The judges, Chief Justice Asher Grunis, Justice Esther Hayut and Justice Hanan Meltzer, wrote in their decision that the residents of the homes in question should be added as respondents to the State's petition.

The judges also ruled that the State must submit an update on the efforts "to resolve the issue through peaceful means" by March 24.

The ruling, however, did not address the reason for the State's request to delay the eviction, i.e. so it can look into the residents' claim of ownership. The judges simply stated in the decision that the extension that has been granted is for the evacuation of the buildings in question.

Chairman Itzik Shadmi of the Binyamin Residents' Council was not surprised by the Court's ruling.

"When the Supreme Court, leftist organizations and the State Attorney's Office are one and the same, it's no wonder that these are the results," he said. "The Levy Report would have prevented this situation certain had it been approved, and since it has not been approved for six months, the residents' council will do all they can to ensure Amona is not destroyed."

MKs Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben Ari of Otzma LeYisrael said in response to the ruling, "The Supreme Court once again, as usual, ordered to destroy a Jewish community and thus laid the first challenge on the doorstep of the Netanyahu government and the Jewish Home party. Otzma LeYisrael asks all parties in the national camp to announce today that if Amona is destroyed, they will not be part of the next government."