Tibi Rant Witness: I've Never been so Humiliated

Knesset Speaker denounces incident in which a young woman spat at MK Ahmed Tibi at Bar Ilan University.

Gil Ronen ,

Ahmed Tibi
Ahmed Tibi
Ehud Amiton, Tazpit news agency

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin denounced the incident in which a young woman allegedly spat at MK Ahmed Tibi after an incendiary appearance at Bar Ilan University. Meanwhile, an eyewitness to Tibi's behavior  told Arutz Sheva: "I've never been as humiliated as a Jewish woman."

"I denounce any attack upon an elected official and any attempt to hinder his ability to discharge his duty," Rivlin stated. "In a country as divided as ours, the existence of a democratic debate must be defended with conviction. If violence is allowed to carry the day, we will, G-d forbid, slide down the slope toward unpleasant places."

"I was happy to hear the denunciation of the act by my comrade MK Aryeh Eldad," he said, "and I praise the firm response by Bar Ilan University against the unacceptable act and its intention of taking full legal recourse against those involved."

However, an eyewitness to the incident named Lorette H. told Arutz Sheva that the picture presented by the press was false.

"The woman who spat did so at the end of the debate," she said. "I sat next to a bunch of Arab hooligans who shouted 'Allahu akbar' over and over without stopping whenever Eldad spoke. It was a chilling experience, sitting next to them with the fire burning in their eyes."

"Ahmed Tibi did not stop shouting and firing up his group," she recounted, "and by the time Aryeh Eldad got a word in, he cut him off. He took over the discourse and called us child murderers who are proud of being that way, and said the Arabs were the lords of the land and that he was doing us a favor by being a Knesset member in Israel.

"Never ever have I been as humiliated as a Jewish woman as I was yesterday," Lorette said.

"The victims here were Aryeh Eldad and us!  All of the incitement was by leftists and Arabs, but as usual, the press does not show the full picture. Had I not been a witness I would not have believed how depraved the press is.

"I went home with tears in my eyes," said Lorette, "but not because of Ahmed Tibi. Because of what I saw written in all of the media websites after the event! So sad!"