South TA Residents Demand, Plead for Safe Streets

Dozens of residents of South Tel Aviv marched, demanding that the government do more to control illegal immigrants in the area.

David Lev ,

Protest against illegal immigrants
Protest against illegal immigrants

Dozens of residents of South Tel Aviv marched and protested Monday night, demanding that the government do more to control the restive population of illegal immigrants in the area. The protests came after the brutal rape of an 83 year old woman in the area of the Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv on Friday. The area has a large population of illegals, mostly from Africa, and residents have long complained that police do next to nothing to enforce the law in their neighborhood.

The protest was led by MK Michael Ben-Ari of the Otzma Party. Protesters called for a swift deportation of illegal immigrants from the area, saying that the immigrants were “out of control,” and enforcement of the law in the area.

Speaking at the protest, Ben-Ari said that “the situation in South Tel Aviv has become intolerable. Young girls are afraid to leave their homes, and old people are in peril from these illegals. We demand that they all be deported immediately,” Ben-Ari said.

Ben-Ari also slammed Shas over that party's attempts to use the immigrant issue for political purposes. “Just a few months ago I heard Aryeh Deri say that he was not a racist, and that he did not plan to use the issue of the illegals in Shas' campaign. Is the poor showing of Shas in recent polls the reason he has changed his tune?”

According to statistics published Monday, 10,365 illegals entered Israel by sneaking into the country during 2012, 38% fewer than the 16,851 that entered in 2011. However, most of those arrived in the first months of the year: In January, about 2,000 illegals entered the country, while in December only 37 did – and all of them were arrested soon after they entered the country.