The New IAF Pilots: Who are They?

16% of the new pilots are traditional or religious. 13% were not born in Israel.

Gil Ronen ,

New pilots pose for picture.
New pilots pose for picture.
IDF Spokesman's Unit

The IAF's newest pilots will receive their wings this week, and as is customary, the military has released a group profile of the new airmen and airwomen, who may not be identified individually.

Of the new pilots, 63% are from cities and towns, 23% are from smaller communities, and 13% are from kibbutzim.

Thirteen percent were not born in Israel.

There are four women among the new pilots, one of them religious, and they will serve in the combat navigator, transport navigator and weapons systems officers.

Forty seven percent of the graduates were members of youth movements, and 34% volunteered for a year of national service (shnat sherut) before enlisting in the military.