Will Gimpel be First U.S.-Born MK since Kahane?

Bayit Yehudi appeals to Anglo voters in new video as polls show Gimpel is in a realistic slot.

Gil Ronen ,

Jeremy Gimpel
Jeremy Gimpel
Courtesy Gimpel & Abramowitz campaign

The Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party has released a video appealing in English to Anglophone voters, and polls are giving 14th spot Jeremy Gimpel a reason to hope he will make it into the 19th Knesset.

"Two polls in the last week (15 and 16) prove that my spot at #14 is very realistic," Gimpel wrote supporters last weekend. "It looks like I have a very good chance at becoming the first American born MK in decades."

Jeremy Saltan, Bayit Yehudi English Speaking Campaign Manager told Arutz Sheva that the last U.S.-born MK was Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l.

Maariv's Mazal Mualem wrote Wednesday that while a Channel 2 poll shows Bayit Yehudi under Naftali Bennett's leadership with 12 seats, "Bennett has not said the last word and his potential for growth, according to Likud polls as well, could reach 15 Knesset seats."