Greek Neo-Nazi MPs Carry Guns into Parliament

Members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party attempted to enter the Greek parliament armed with guns.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

 Golden Dawn party leader Nikolaos Mihaloliak
Golden Dawn party leader Nikolaos Mihaloliak

Members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party attempted to enter the Greek parliament armed with guns but were stopped by a metal detector and asked to leave, The International Business Times (IBT) reported.

Two unidentified MPs belonging to the far-right party sought to breach a recent regulation, initiated by Speaker Vangelis Meimarakis, calling for stricter regulations over carrying firearms inside the parliament building. The MPs were unable to pass through the metal detectors and were eventually escorted off the premises.

Meanwhile, Greek media reported that the racist and xenophobic Golden Dawn party is planning to set up an organization called Doctors Within Borders - a slight on renowned charity Doctors Without Borders - with the purpose of providing medical care to Greeks only.

In August, members of the party restricted deliveries of free food in central Athens' Syntagma Square to people who could prove Greek citizenship. The party has also sponsored Greek-only blood drives, similarly refusing to donate blood to anyone who could not prove Greek origin.

The party recently opened offices in New York City and Montreal in an effort to reach out to Greek citizens living abroad and widen its sphere of influence, prompting harsh criticism by Jewish and anti-racism groups.

According to reports, the Montreal office is set to distribute food for the Christmas holiday to Greeks only.

City Councilor Mary Deros told CBC the food drive was "racial discrimination in its worst form".

"If you see children in schools of different races, will you only feed one community group and allow the other children to go hungry?" she asked.

Golden Dawn's deputy leader in Montreal, Spiros Macrozonaris, rationalized the initiative saying, "Because there are Greek people who are starving, we decided to contact them to see if we can help them."

CBC journalist Joanne Vrakas claimed she had been threatened by members of the party due to her negative reporting, according to IBT.