Video: Israeli Tech Connects Israelis to Arabs

The Flat Planet phone company has developed a technology which lets Israeli companies sell to clients in Arab countries.

Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski ,

Flat Planet phone company
Flat Planet phone company
Yoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva met and spoke with the heads of the Flat Planet phone company about a unique service it has developed.

The technology, used during President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, can actually connect Israelis and Arabs.

“We’ve developed a service called dynamic caller ID, where you have one line but you can have multiple phone numbers on the same line,” explained Moshe Maeir, the company’s Chief Flattening Officer. “When you make a call, we look at the call, determine where it’s going and put in the correct caller ID for that country.”

For example, said Maeir, a company which sells to the UK, Germany and Italy would receive three numbers – one in London, one in Frankfurt and one in Milano. The caller ID the customer sees when the company calls will be a local number, increasing the chances he will answer the call.

“We have a lot of Israeli companies selling to Arab countries,” he said, “and obviously an Israeli company cannot show an Israeli number when it calls Dubai. So we give them phone numbers in Bahrain and Dubai and when the customer in the Arab country receives the call, he’s seeing a number in Bahrain and Dubai, and somebody speaking Arabic from Israel is on the phone, offering to sell him some kind of service.”

“This has been very successful,” noted Maeir. “We have tens of thousands of minutes a day to Arab countries using this service.”

President Obama’s campaign, he said, used the company when setting up its “phone banks” and calling voters to go to the polls.

“We can set up a phone bank with hundreds of extensions and it’s very useful for situations like elections, where they want to set up a large amount of phone calls in a short time,” explained Maeir.