Gimpel Heads Jewish Home's Anglo Campaign

Naftali Bennett taps Jeremy Gimpel to woo Anglo vote. Gimpel buoyed by polls.

Gil Ronen ,

Jeremy Gimpel
Jeremy Gimpel
Courtesy Gimpel & Abramowitz campaign

Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) chairman Naftali Bennett has tapped Jeremy Gimpel, who was selected to the ninth slot in the party's Knesset list, to spearhead its election campaign vis-à-vis "Anglo Olim" – Israelis who made aliyah from English-speaking countries.

Gimpel told Arutz Sheva that he is optimistic about his chances of becoming a Knesset member, with polls predicting a double-digit showing for the combined Bayit Yehudi / National Union list.

In a press release announcing the effort to bring in the Anglo Olim vote, Bennett quipped, "The Bayit Yehudi very much values the idealism and contribution that Western Olim bring to Israel – particularly two Olim from the U.S. whom I hold very dear – I call them Mom and Dad."

Gimpel added, "The Bayit Yehudi is the perfect home for Anglo voters because there is no 'Anglo vote.' If Anglos voted in their own sectoral self-interest, they would not have left the comforts and luxuries of their homes in the west to contribute to the national mission of the Jewish People in Israel.

"The Bayit Yehudi is finally transcending the political and religious divides that we all want to put behind us," he explained, "and that is what the nation, as a whole, needs right now. That is why they Bayit Yehudi will get the Anglo vote."