Jewish Home Candidates Run for Shelter in South

The new Jewish Home faction visits Be’er Sheva. Bennett: It’s healthy to feel what southerners do. We’re ready to enlist.

Maayana Miskin ,

Grad missile hits Be'er Sheva / archive
Grad missile hits Be'er Sheva / archive
Israel news photo: Screenshot

The Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) Knesset candidates visited the city of Be’er Sheva on Thursday as Gaza terrorists continued a large-scale assault on southern Israel. During their stay in the city they were forced to run for shelter when the Color Red rocket alert sounded.

Party head Naftali Bennett explained why they had come despite the danger. “It’s very healthy for us to feel what you here have been going through for years,” he told Mayor Ruvik Danilovich and senior city officials.

“We’re all with you, and ready to act,” he declared. “On the Home Front or the battle front, and the minute we get call-up orders we’ll happily report for duty.”

Danilovich explained why he supports Operation Pillar of Defense. “It’s impossible to just take it and take it and take it,” he said. “No sovereign state could live like this.”

“The state of Israel must restore deterrence,” he added.

He voiced opposition to attempts to portray residents of southern Israel and of central Israel in adversarial terms, due to the latter’s freedom from Gaza rocket attacks until Thursday night. “Our brothers in Gush Dan [in central Israel] were hit by suicide bombings in the 90s. That’s how it works here, we give each other strength, that’s our shared fate,” he said. “We embrace our brothers in Gush Dan and hope no more missiles reach them.”

Jewish Home candidate Avi Wortzman, Deputy Mayor of Be’er Sheva, said, “We’ve reached a point where we can’t take it anymore. Sderot has been hit for 12 years.”

After meeting with city officials and Home Front Command officers, the candidates went through the city visiting with residents and expressing their solidarity and encouragement.