"Quick Response" to Hanging Crane is Inaudible

Everyone saw the Manhattan crane hanging broken from the winds. But only those suffering from it know that nothing is being done about it.

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Mark Langfan, NY ,

Hanging Crane
Hanging Crane

While President Obama has promised a “quick response” to Hurricane Sandy, the giant construction crane knocked over by Hurricane Sandy might be left dangling 1000 feet above 57th Street in mid-town Manhattan “for several weeks,” it seems.

A Police Officer interviewed at the scene said “they have no idea what they are going to do.”

He added, “The engineers came and looked, and said 'it doesn’t look good.'

Another traffic officer said “They aren’t doing a darn thing to take it down. Nothing.”

Even after hanging for over 5 days, the NYC Department of Buildings(DOB), with President Obama’s promised Federal assistance, had “not yet formulated a plan for bringing it down safely.”

Working 24 hours a day, it might take a month to secure the crane by building a new structure alongside", they said.

But building a new crane would expose the workers to having the old crane fall on the heads while working.

DOB Spokesperson, Tony Sclafini said “The crane is stable at this time.” He added that engineers are considering securing the dangling boom to the building’s structure.

Meanwhile, the area has been cordoned off, so pets have been left stranded and dozens of office buildings and hotels may be completely shut out for weeks while nothing is being done to fix the problem.

A passerby commented, “If this is Obama’s ‘quick response,’ I’d hate to see his ‘slow response’.”