Inspectors Check Nuke Plants Ahead of Sandy

Extra inspectors double check nuclear plants in 5 states along the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy powers up. A7 readers, send pics!

Chana Ya'ar ,

Wading on flooded street in Queens, NY
Wading on flooded street in Queens, NY

Extra inspectors are being sent to double-check nuclear plants in five states along the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy powers up. 

With both its own headquarters and northeastern regional office already closed except for emergency personnel, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is still checking to make sure nuclear plants in Sandy's path can withstand the storm. Those that show any sign they might not be able to withstand the expected winds and flooding will be closed for the duration, according to the agency.

Extra inspectors are being equipped with satellite telephones and sent to the following nuclear power plants, from south to north:
Calvert Cliffs in Lusby, MD
Three Mile Island in Middletown, PA
Peach Bottom in Delta PA
Susquehanna in Salem Township, PA
Oyster Creek in Lacey Township, NJ
Salem and Hope Creek in Hancocks Bridge, NJ
Indian Point in Buchanan, NY
Millstone in Waterford, CT

At present, Sandy is packing winds of up to 90 miles per hour and the National Weather Service is reporting 24-foot seas off the coast of New Jersey, ahead of the storm. Flooding has already hit many areas in the tri-state area, including Atlantic City, where police told CNN more is expected once the hurricane makes landfall in a few hours' time.

In Connecticut, the United Illuminating electric company warned that more than 35,000 customers would lose power when expected flooding reaches one of its power stations in Bridgeport, located on the state's southern coast along Long Island Sound. In a statement from Governor Dan Malloy's office, trucks were banned from the state's highways and by 1:00 p.m. EDT, the state's highways were to be closed to all vehicles.

Nearly 45,000 customers were already without electricity by Monday morning in 10 states, according to CNN, quoting power officials.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that public schools in the city will be closed again on Tuesday. Airlines have canceled thousands of flights at airports up and down the East Coast ahead of the storm, with no clarity about when normal schedules will be resumed.

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