IDF to Establish Top Unit for Hareidi Soldiers

The IDF is continuing to prepare for an influx of Hareidi soldiers, to the extent that it is establishing new units for them

David Lev ,

Hareidi soldiers
Hareidi soldiers
Flash 90

The IDF is continuing to prepare for an influx of Hareidi soldiers, an influx that has already begun, in the wake of the expiration of the Tal Law in August. There has been an increase in positive response to draft notices sent out to 18 year old Hareidi recruits, and the army expects a similarly positive response to the notices that are soon to be sent out to individuals over 18 whose exemption from service has expired.

Among the preparations, a report in Ha'aretz said Thursday, was expanding the facilities of the Nachal Hareidi unit. But beyond the “regular” duties of the unit – which the army, according to the report, has been very pleased with – will be the establishment of a top-flight “sayeret” (reconnaissance) unit consisting solely of recruits in the Hareidi unit.

The soldiers for this group will be hand-picked by top IDF officers, based on the capabilities they show during basic training. The soldiers in the sayeret will receive special training and be given more complicated assignments – and an opportunity to advance in the ranks of the IDF.

In addition to the sayeret, the IDF is preparing to establish more units for Hareidi soldiers, including a mechanized engineer unit, a unit to to fight under chemical warfare conditions, and a tank brigade.