New Libel: Jewish Women Sexually Assault Arabs

Arab libel against Jews apparently has no limit. A PA study is misquoted to state that “bored” Jewish women sexually assaulting Arabs.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Arab worker - sexually assaulted?
Arab worker - sexually assaulted?
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The latest Arab libel against Jews has broken through new heights – or depths – and misquotes a Palestinina Authority study to claim “bored” Jewish women are accused of sexually assaulting Palestinian Authority workers.

After previous libels of Jews trafficking in organs from dead terrorists and daily propaganda of soldiers allegedly beating elderly men, handicapped children and pregnant women, the Palestinian Authority’s Central Bureau of Statistics declared that a “field study” concluded that 77 per cent of the PA workers in Israel have been subject to sexual harassment by Israeli women.

The PA agency did not note any official complaints to police. In addition, most PA laborers work in construction and agriculture and rarely are employed in homes.

Shaher Sa’ad, the President of the Union of the Palestinian Laborer Federations, told Gulf News that Palestinian Authority workers who work illegally in Israel are subject to blackmail and harassment and are forced into illicit affairs.

“There are about 55,000 Palestinian laborers who enter Israel for work through illegal and unacceptable methods,” he said. “The real focus needs to go to those illegal laborers who get sexually harassed."

Sa’ad said that workers with permits are not in danger because “they enjoy some judicial rights” and can report offenses to the Israeli police.
He also blamed the Palestinian Authority for a low minimum wage that encourages Arabs to work in Israel, where the pay is much higher.

The Elder of Ziyon blog noted that the PA study actually was presented in 2010 after a study to determine how much Arabs knew about preventing diseases transmitted by sex. The blog noted that the study did not define the term “sexually harassed.” which could be understood from the context of the report as even looking at a scantly dressed Israeli woman.

Moreover, the study stated that many Palestinian Authority Arabs work in Israel in order to look for sex with Jewish women, especially Russians was are “judges to be ‘easy.’”

“But there is one other factor that some use as justification to have sex with Jewish girls: Jihad,” Elder of Ziyon wrote. “According to the study, some of the Arabs regard sex with Jewish girls as a form of ‘jihad’ - as a way to punish the Jews! As one puts it, this is a form of "revenge" on Israelis.

Libel against Jews and Israel has become a daily diet in the Palestinian Authority media, whose accusations of attacks by soldiers and civilians are generally considered fabricated and are ignored by mainstream media and denied by the IDF.