Terrorism Scare at JFK as PM Headed Back to Israel

A terrorism scare overtook JFK Airport Saturday night, when PM Netanyahu arrived for his flight back to Israel, after addressing the U.N.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

security at JFK airport
security at JFK airport

A terrorism scare overtook JFK International Airport on Saturday night, when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived on site to board his flight back to Israel, after addressing the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

The alert was sounded at approximately 9 p.m., causing a massive air and water search of the premises by the NYPD, the Port Authority and other agencies, The New York Post reported.

At one point during the confusion, an alert was transmitted saying that a Secret Service member was missing. The report later proved to be false.

By around 10 p.m. authorities determined that four fishermen had taken a boat into an area on the west side of JFK called Hamilton Beach, a restricted site of the airport’s property.

The group had reached within half a mile of Netanyahu’s plane, undisclosed sources said, according to the newspaper.

Had they been terrorists, they were in position to do real damage, the sources said.

“It’s another major breach of security,” said one law-enforcement source. “Luckily they were only fishermen and not terrorists.”

The men, whose identities were not released, were charged with trespassing, The New York Post reported.