Two Israelis among Dead in Minneapolis Shooting

Gunman killed 4 inside a sign-making business that was co-owned and managed by the Israelis.

Gil Ronen ,

Shooting (illustrative)
Shooting (illustrative)
Israel News photo: Flash 90

Two Israelis are reportedly among those killed in a Minneapolis shooting Thursday, involving a gunman who shot four dead people and committed suicide inside a sign-making business.

According to TV Channel 2, co-owners Reuven Rahamim and Rami Cox were both killed. Cox's daughter Shiri said that the shooter was an employee who had been fired Thursday morning. "In the afternoon he arrived and started his lethal revenge spree," she said. "He came with a gun to the offices and started shooting."

The victims' bodies were found shortly after police officers arrived at Accent Signage Systems Inc., which located in a residential area in the city's north side, according to police spokesman Sgt. Stephen McCarty.

"When officers arrived and entered the business to assist with the evacuation of employees, give aid to the victims and to search for the suspect, they found four victims dead from apparent gunshot wounds," McCarty said in a statement.

NBC news reported that four other people were wounded, three of them critically.

Neighbor Heather Buckingham, who told NBC station KARE 11 that she formerly worked for Accent Signage Systems as a receptionist, said the gunman was an employee of the firm who had been laid off on Thursday.

"The one that was doing the shooting was quiet, kept to himself," she told KARE 11.  "Kind of odd."

Someone from inside the building called 911 around 4:30 p.m. to report the shootings, police said. The first officers on the scene quickly began evacuating people from the business and closed off several blocks.

KARE 11 reported that Accent Signage Systems Incorporated specializes in interior signs that help the visually impaired. The company holds a patent for technology that imprints Braille on things like hotel room numbers and restroom signs.

According to the company's Facebook page, Accent started as a part-time engraving business out of company president Reuven Rahamim's basement in 1984. It now employs about 30 people and earns $5 to $10 million each year.