Golan Heights Juice Company Makes Unique Mixes

"If ever we were to call ourselves Zionists again, we would have to share our experiences for better or for worse," said Mrs. Tauber.

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Keshet Natural Juice
Keshet Natural Juice
Keshet Juice

The hosts of Arutz Sheva - Israel National Radio's Aliyah Fever conducted a unique audio tour at Keshet Juice in the Golan Heights with owner Pinchas Tauber. The company manufactures unique products such as apple juice mixed with lemon, pomegranate, carrot and other flavors. The sounds of the bottling machinery could be heard and show hosts Avraham Venismach and Michael Cohen tasted some of the products.

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"We call it apple juice but it's what you call apple cider," Tauber stated. "We squeeze the apples and then its straight to the bottle and then in the refrigerator," he said. Available throughout Israel, the company is now exporting to the United States as well.
The simplistic labels on the bottle attest to the philosophy of the company, "It's a simple white background. No colors or pictures. We keep it pure, simple and clean," Tauber said. Keshet juice comes with no added water or artificial sweetener. The apples are all grown locally.
Although Venismach and Cohen enjoyed recording their radio show while drinking juice on a hot day, they also wanted to highlight an aliyah success story. Tauber, now a grandfather, moved to Israel at the age of seven with his family. While many of the recent guests on Aliyah Fever have been new immigrants, Tauber is an example of a veteran oleh.
"It was 1966. We came with my parents. I was the oldest," Tauber related. Although he speaks fluent English, his Israeli accent is heavy. "We came from Cleveland, Ohio. My father was a physicist. One thing I remember is I was kind of disappointed because I expected to see lots of camels and desert and instead we saw cement and roads and buildings. I thought we got to the wrong place," Tauber reminisces. After moving around several times, his parents eventually settled in Keshet, a community in the Golan Heights. Tauber currently lives in Keshet where his juice facilities are located and where he met his wife, who came to Israel with her parents from the United States as a teenager.
Although Tauber does not remember all the details of his aliyah process, his mother certainly does. Mrs. Tauber became a surprise guest on the show in a phone interview. 
"We came on a two year sabbatical leave," Mrs. Tauber stated, "even though we knew we were actually making aliyah." Mrs. Tauber and her husband initially were living near Tel Aviv University with their three young children. 
"Our first memorable experience was the Six Day War. Friends and neighbors helped. We decided then and there we were staying and there was no turning back. We had a choice [whether or not to return to America], but our family and friends certainly didn't. They had to face what was coming. If ever we were to call ourselves Zionists again, we would have to share our experiences for better or for worse. Now, many wars later, we are still here," Mrs. Tauber stated.
For the full interview download the latest episode of Aliyah Fever by clicking here.

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