What is Your New Year Nutrition Resolution?

What can bring you closer to what you really need nutritionally?

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Nili Abrahams, CHHC, M.B.A. ,

Unloading tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza
Unloading tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza
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Another Rosh Hashana is fast approaching and as we think of being judged by the Almighty we commit ourselves to prepare for the awesomeness of the days ahead.

Have you reviewed the way you treated yourself last year? Did you make any lasting changes to the way you approached the health of your body, mind or soul? What will be different this coming year?

Life’s stock taking can be endless, and as any extremes are not healthy, while committing to many changes can’t be sustaining.

So pick choice areas for growth. Perhaps you can think about the foods eaten or over eaten, the relationships worked on or avoided to be worked on or maybe, the job that was joyous or cause for daily stress.

It is a whole person inventory exploration with a targeted plan.

This kind of review provides us with the opportunity for real changes to occur. We open our hearts to really knowing ourselves, expressing pure needs in a kind and giving manner. When guiding ourselves for the purpose of change we can truly give to G-d and others.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe defines Teshuva for Rosh Hashana as a return to us, to our true selves in order to return to G-d. By turning our focus inward we must judge ourselves lovingly so that we can in turn be judged with compassion and love from Above.

My resolution for this New Year is to set a goal of returning to myself.

This may mean a stop to drinking that cup of coffee each morning because I don’t really need it.

It might lead to me to practice yoga more often to add calm to a hectic life.

Or work on connecting to what my partner or community needs from me.

It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you are a kind assessor of yourself, promoting the real you.

Please remember the sweetness of the foods we eat this season as we set the intention of returning to our source, to us, for a sweet and healthy New Year.

Shana Tova!

And remember you can choose your best life one step at a time.