New GOP Ad Blasts Democrats on Jerusalem

New Republican Jewish Coalition ad highlights DNC's platform reversal, says party is "split when it comes to supporting Israel"

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

President Obama, VP Biden
President Obama, VP Biden

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) launched a new print ad highlighting the Democratic National Convention's platform reversal over Jerusalem, charging that the Democrats are "split when it comes to supporting Israel. ”                                                                                          

The ad titled, “What is Missing from Obama’s 2012 Democratic Platform?” highlights the several pro-Israel provisions in the 2008 Democratic platform that are missing from the 2012 document and will run in the Charlotte Observer, as well as Jewish newspapers across Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

"At the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, N.C., it's become painfully clear that this party is no longer the Democratic Party of our parents' generation," the ad states. "This week has witnessed a shocking series of events. These regrettable incidents reveal a party that has wandered far from its origins.

This year, Democrats stripped out language that appeared in their 2008 platform saying that Jerusalem “is and will remain the capital of Israel” and removed language, which had previously been included, calling Israel “our strongest ally in the region.”

The party also removed language from 2008 calling for the isolation of Hamas and weakened the provision about ensuring that Israel retains a qualitative edge for self-defense.

“The changes to the Democrat Party platform raise serious questions about Presdident Obama’s and the party’s commitment to Israel,” said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. “It is clear from the platform that the Democrats are backing way from Israel at a critical time. This is yet another reason why Jewish support for Democrats continues to erode.”

After coming under harsh criticism, the Democratic party amended the platform last Wednesday to include language supporting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.