Gang Beats Jewish Youth in Jerusalem, No Arrests

Police are still investigating a sudden gang attack on Bnei Akiva youth group that left two with broken bones.

Maayana Miskin ,

Israel news photo: Flash 90

Two weeks ago, as teenagers in the Bnei Akiva religous Zionist youth group met in Gilo, a gang of thugs suddenly entered their meeting place and began beating them. The attack left the teenagers with a variety of injuries, including a broken nose, a broken finger, and major bruising.

Police are still investigating the violent assault, and have not yet made arrests.

Yair Feiglin, Bnei Akiva’s coordinator in Jerusalem, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the attack and its aftermath. “There was a group of young thugs who came into our courtyard. The branch is on Haganenet Street, next to the Gilo park – a park that has become known for violence, there are a lot of strange types there,” he said. “They hit the group members as if they were trying to kill them.”

Similar attacks were commonplace two years ago, he continued. “All kinds of groups would come to take out their frustration on Bnei Akiva.” What is important, he said, is to prevent such incidents in the future. Two years ago, police increased their presence, he said, which helped.

“What we fear is that because there is no enforcement now, violence will return,” he explained. Feiglin called on police to show more presence in the area to discourage attacks.

Neighborhood security workers revealed details of the attack only this week. The local security officials disagreed with those who were attacked over the attackers’ identity. While the victims said they believe the attackers were from the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo itself, local security pointed the finger at youth in the nearby Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa.