PA Arab Hurls Bombs at Soldiers and Flees

A Palestinian Authority Arab threw a bag with four homemade bombs at soldiers Monday afternoon and fled. No one was injured.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

IDF Checkpoint
IDF Checkpoint
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Palestinian Authority Arab approached an IDF checkpoint Monday afternoon and threw a bag with four homemade bombs at soldiers, and then fled before the armed forces could catch him. No one was injured.

The soldiers did not know that bombs were inside the bag until sappers checked the satchel. They safely neutralized the explosives.

The attack occurred at the Hashmonaim checkpoint, near the city of Modi’in, located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

An IDF spokeswoman was unable to explain to Arutz Sheva how the terrorist managed to escape after having arrived on foot at the checkpoint, which is patrolled by a number of soldiers and includes a watchtower. She said soldiers are surveying the area for the attacker.

However, IDF orders often limit soldiers’ ability to shoot at suspected terrorists when there is no immediate danger.  

The Arab apparently had arrived earlier at the checkpoint and was refused entry because he did not have identification papers, and then returned an hour later with a bag of pipe bombs intended to kill the soldiers.  

General procedures prohibit people to pass checkpoints with baggage before inspection, often carried out in an explosive-proof building.