Man Arrested as Jewish-Arab Brawl Leaves One Hurt

A Jewish man has been arrested in Jerusalem after a fight in which an Arab man was badly hurt. Versions of events differ.

Maayana Miskin ,

Ben Yehuda street, Jerusalem
Ben Yehuda street, Jerusalem
Flash 90

A 19-year-old Jewish man was arrested on Saturday following a brawl Thursday night in which a young Arab man was badly injured. Witnesses have given conflicting versions of events.

The fight took place on Ben Yehuda Street in downtown Jerusalem late at night.

Police said it was still not clear why the fight broke out. Some reports stated that a group of Jewish men fought a group of Arab men, while others said a group of Jewish men had attacked a lone Arab.

The injured man was taken to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in serious condition. He later regained consciousness. He told Maariv/nrg that he does not remember what happened.

The Jewish teen in custody has so far denied the allegations against him. Police say they expect to make more arrests in the near future.