Dan Halloran Visits Israel, Expresses 100% Support

Dan Halloran, who is running for Congress, visits Israel, says he will tell his colleagues how important it is to support Israel.

Elad Benari & Hezki Baruch ,

Dan Halloran in Israel
Dan Halloran in Israel
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New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, a Republican running for Congress in the 6th congressional district, spoke to Arutz Sheva during his visit to Israel.

Halloran is one of many U.S. Congressional candidates who have asked World Likud chairman, MK Danny Danon, to come to Israel as part of their campaign strategy. Halloran met Monday with Danon in Jerusalem, where they discussed the status of Israel's capital city and relations between the two countries.

Last month, Halloran met with representatives from the World Committee for the Land of Israel. During the meeting he expressed his support for Israel and placed an emphasis on his support for the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron). He stressed that the Jewish people have a right to live and build wherever they want.

“It’s a beautiful country,” Halloran told Arutz Sheva, noting that this is his first trip to Israel. “There’s so much history here. Just looking at the layers of the [Western] wall itself is amazing. This is literally the crossroads of the universe.”

He added, “There are two Jerusalems. There’s the Jerusalem of history and of antiquity but by the same token there’s the reality of the daily grind that Jerusalem has to go through to protect itself. The constant threat of mortar and rocket attacks that are faced along the Green Line - it’s a stark contrast, and to actually be here and see it firsthand is very eye-opening.”

Asked what he will take back with him from his visit, Halloran said he intends to stress to his colleagues in government “just how important it is that we stand with Israel, that we don’t lose sight of the fact that they need us to be with them to get through this very difficult period.”

“The Arab Spring has turned into a nightmare in Egypt, where an Islamist government is coming into power, Syria is a complete mess, and of course Iran is on the brink of nuclear weapons,” he added.

“When our country was faced with the Cuban missile crisis, the president said that we are willing to go to war to prevent missiles from being that close to our country,” said Halloran. “Certainly, Israel has a right to defend itself and our president should be standing behind Israel.”