July was Cool Videos Month at IDF Spokesman's Unit

Naval maneuvers video caps off month of videos showing the IDF's right stuff. Hasbara improving?

Gil Ronen ,

Navy in surprise drill off Haifa coast
Navy in surprise drill off Haifa coast
Israel news photo: IDF

The IDF Spokesman's Unit has released yet another cool video to cap off what has been a month full of effective and rhythmic military clips published by the IDF Spokesman's Unit – perhaps a sign that Israeli hasbara is picking up steam.

The latest video shows the IDF's Navy in large scale maneuvers that ended Wednesday. Over the past few weeks, the Navy rehearsed numerous scenarios, including a confrontation with enemy naval forces, and terrorist infiltration attempts.

Equally cool videos released in July included the action blockbuster IDF Elite Counter Terrorism Unit Practices Rescuing Hostages…

… the special-effects-packed IDF Navy Brings the Action to the Sea...

…and the philosophically-named Click, Click, Boom, only available on Facebook:

June's hits included the psychedelic-soundtracked Becoming a Soldier: Nahal Brigade's Elite Training…

...and Israeli Army Druze Battalion, accompanied by a Middle Eastern beat…

For its militant-feminist audience, the IDF even prepared a video about the experimental mixed-gender Karakal unit, which has yet to prove itself in battle but always looks good on film.

What cool clips does August hold in store? We wait with bated breath.