Four Young Women Arrested Near Beit El

The women told security forces they have been living in Oz Tzion for 10 months, but to no avail.

Gil Ronen ,

Past confrontation at Oz Tzion (file)
Past confrontation at Oz Tzion (file)
Samaria Residents' Council

Security forces arrested four young Jewish women Thursday at Oz Tzion, an "outpost" community near Beit El, north of Jerusalem.

The security forces showed up at the outpost and demanded that the women leave the location because it was declared a closed military zone. The young women told them that they are residents of the community and therefore the military order does not apply to them.

They said that they have been residing at the outpost for 10 months.

After negotiating for about an hour, the policemen arrested the young women and took them to be questioned at the Shaar Binyamin police station.

Honenu, the NGO that assists Jews who face prosecution for nationalist activities, said that the young women are the "founding nucleus" of the outpost. The community was established last Sukkot, and the young women have been there ever since then.