New Mikvah Opens at Dead Sea Hotel Strip

A ritual pool that can create Jewish purity at the highest level has just been opened in the lowest place on the planet – the Dead Sea.

Hana Levi Julian ,

Dead Sea
Dead Sea
Arutz 7

A ritual pool that can help bring forth Jewish purity at its highest level has just been opened at the lowest place on the planet – the Dead Sea.

Ritual pools, known in Hebrew as  “mikvah”s,  have been used by Jews since Biblical times to purify themselves.

This particular mikvah, explained Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Shimon Elharar, is intended for Jewish women.

"The mitzvah (Torah commandment) of family purity, involves immersion in a ritual pool. It is one of three specific commandments entrusted to the Jewish woman,” Elharar said in an interview with Arutz Sheva. “For this reason it was essential that a mikvah for women be established here among the Dead Sea hotels, where so many Jewish women find themselves for the holidays and on the Sabbath. “Until now there has been no reliable way for these women to immerse themselves to fulfill the mitzvah properly.”

Jewish law proscribes monthly immersion in a ritual pool for women. Some Orthodox Jewish men use the mikvah every Friday before the Sabbath, some immerse themselves every morning and before holidays, and many more on the day preceding Yom Kippur.

A number of ancient mikvahs have been uncovered in Israeli archaeological sites along the shore of the Dead Sea, at Masada and Qumrun.

The new mikvah is jointly operated under the auspices of the Religious Council of the Jordan Valley-Tamar Regional Council and Chabad of the Dead Sea. It is located in the building of the Premier Spa  (formerly the International Beach), about 100 meters north of the Leonardo Plaza Hotel at Ein Bokek, on the southern end of the Dead Sea.

“Immersion in the mikvah is carefully supervised by an observant superintendant associated with the “Taharat HaMishpacha” and “Taharat HaBayit” family purity organizations,” Elharar said. It is open by appointment on Fridays and prior to Jewish holidays.

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