J'lem: Arabs Jump Jew, Try to Steal his Gun

Report: four Arabs attack Jewish man near Armon HaNatziv but escape when he fires in the air.

Gil Ronen ,

Armon HaNatziv promenade
Armon HaNatziv promenade
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Four Arabs reportedly attacked a Jewish man near Armon HaNatziv in southern Jerusalem Sunday evening.

The man's roommate told Arutz Sheva that the Arabs attacked his friend "in a violent and cruel manner" and that they injured him.

The man said that the Arabs tried to steal his roommate's handgun, but he struggled with them for several minutes and managed to extricate himself. "He refused to give in and fought valiantly until he succeeded in firing in the air, which caused them to run away," he added.

The man who was attacked filed a complaint with the Jerusalem police, which said that it is investigating the incident and has collected evidence from the scene of the attack.