Israeli Man Jumps to Death from Eiffel Tower

A 25-year-old Israeli man has jumped to his death from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. His identity has not been publicized.

Chana Ya'ar ,

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

A 25-year-old Israeli man has jumped to his death from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

 Israel's Foreign Ministry has confirmed that he was indeed an Israeli citizen, but did not release details of his identity. His family was informed of his death.

The man had managed to evade the structure's security personnel and climbed up the monument's western pillar at twilight, according to French authorities, who did not publicize his identity.

The incident occurred after the monument was closed to the public Sunday night, Paris police told the Associated Press.

By the time first responders arrived, the man had already reached the third level observatory deck at 906 feet (276 meters). Soon after midnight, rescuers attempted to talk him down, but he jumped instead, and landed on the second floor of the tower.

He died instantly on impact, an official said.

"He jumped into the air... It was not an accidental fall,” said Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre, the Paris prosecutor's spokeswoman. She added that the man possessed an Israeli passport, and had been born in Israel. His status in France was not made clear to reporters.

The Eiffel Tower, which stretches to a height of 1,063 feet (324 meters), is considered the icon of Paris. At least seven million people visit the site each year, which has in the past also occasionally been a focus of fascination for those who consider suicide.

The company that manages the tower told the AP there has not been a suicide there in two years, but would not provide data on the frequency of such events.