IAF Hits Terror Squad Before Rocket Attack

IAF aircraft target a terrorist squad that was preparing to fire a rocket at Israel from central Gaza.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

IAF air strike in Gaza
IAF air strike in Gaza
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IAF aircraft targeted a terrorist squad that was preparing to fire a rocket at Israel from central Gaza on Friday afternoon, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

According to the announcement, a hit was identified. The IDF Spokesperson noted that during the past week over 130 rockets hit Israel.

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt by terrorist groups to target Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, and will continue to operate against those who use terror against the State of Israel,” said the IDF Spokesperson. “The Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

The Hamas terror group which rules Gaza declared a “cease-fire” on Wednesday night, saying it was committed to stop this round of confrontation “in response to the Egyptian efforts to try and stop the aggression on our people.”

The group claimed that no rockets would be fired “as long as (Israel) commits to stopping its crimes,” but that truce did not last long and two Grad missiles were fired at Ashkelon in the wee hours of the morning. Five short-range Qassam rockets were launched in an attack on the Eshkol Regional Council district at about 7:30 a.m.

Terrorists launched another rocket attack on southern Israel Thursday afternoon, aiming at the Sha'ar HaNegev district.

At around 1:30 p.m. a short-range Qassam rocket was fired by Gaza terrorists at the southern Israeli region. The rocket landed in an open area. No one was physically injured and no property damage was reported.

On Thursday evening shortly before 11:00 p.m. local time, terrorists fired three rockets towards the city of Ashkelon. One of the rockets was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Two other rockets exploded in open area near the city. There were no reports of physical injuries or damage.

Ashkelon Councilor Shimon Cohen told Arutz Sheva on Friday that things will not calm down unless the IDF bombs Gaza.

“Gaza should be ground into a fine dust,” said Cohen. “There will never be agreements with these wicked people. Signing something with them is like signing on ice. For every rocket, an entire neighborhood in Gaza needs to be wiped out.”

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