Nine Migron Detainees Released

Young adults arrested for living in Ramat Migron are released as judges continue to consider them ‘locals.’

Maayana Miskin ,

Israel news photo: Reuters

Nine young adults who were arrested for being in Ramat Migron have been freed, the Honenu legal rights group reports.

The nine, along with others, were arrested late on Saturday night. Border Police surrounded the one permanent structure in the Ramat Migron outpost, near Migron north of Jerusalem, and called on occupants to come out.

The occupants refused, saying they would not leave unless they were shown an eviction order. Upon hearing that, officers broke down the door and arrested all those inside.

Other officers lined nearby roads as the arrests were made, apparently to prevent other young activists from coming to join their friends.

The reason for the arrests is not yet clear. The detainees were questioned on suspicion of violating a military order declaring Ramat Migron a closed military zone, illegal entry, and disturbing a police officer.

On Sunday a Jerusalem judge ruled against extending the suspects’ remand, citing recent legal precedent according to which they have resident status in the area. The recent application of resident status to Jews in Judea and Samaria means many will be exempt from the closed military zone orders often used in an attempt to shut down outposts.

Two more of the detainees, both women, will be brought to court later in the day.