Ketzaleh: No Violence, We'll Say 'Shema Yisrael'

MK Katz says "tires will not burn" at Givat HaUlpana – "One of our hands will not beat the other."

Gil Ronen ,

Supporters' tents at Givat HaUlpana
Supporters' tents at Givat HaUlpana

National Union chairman MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) said Sunday that there would be no violence against security forces when they come to evict residents of the Givat HaUlpana neighborhood in Beit El. Ketzaleh moved his office to the neighborhood on Sunday, and Beit El's rabbi, Rav Zalman Melamed, has said that he trusts Ketzaleh to be the man in charge of the protest against the planned eviction.

"If there is an eviction there will be no violence," Ketzaleh told Arutz Sheva. "No hand will be lifted against any soldier or officer. Lifting hands [in violence] is wrong and illegal. These are our children on both sides of the divide, and we will not use one hand to beat the other. Instead, we will hug, and love, and touch the rocks that the neighborhood is built from and shout that this is a decree that the public cannot stand."

"The right to shout by thousands and tens of thousands is ours. I hope that these tires will not burn. There is a mayor here and I hope he will make sure of this. There will be a shout, there will be love, there a cry of 'Shema Yisrael, HaShem is our G-d, HaShem is One.' We will tell the Prime Minister: you yourself said that this is a decree that the people cannot stand.

"I never thought that we would have to evict people from Givat HaUlpana," Ketzaleh added. "It is surreal." He predicted that one day, Beit El will have 500,000 residents – but there would remain a destroyed neighborhood that will be called "Khirbet Netanyahu" – "Netanyahu's Ruin." The neighborhood will be so named, he said, and Netanyahu will be remembered as the person who destroyed it. However, should he change his mind and save it from destruction, the neighborhood will be renamed "Netanyahu Neighborhood."

There has also been a suggestion to rename the neighborhood after Ehud Barak.