Elkin Apologizes for Regulation Bill Criticism

MK Zev Elkin apologized to PM Netanyahu for his harsh criticism over the Regulation Bill.

Maayana Miskin ,

Danon, Netanyahu, Elkin (file)
Danon, Netanyahu, Elkin (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Coalition head MK Zev Elkin met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday and apologized for his harsh criticism of the PM over the fall of the Regulation Bill.

“Last week we got into a debate, and in the heat of the moment it could be that things were said that did not need to be said,” Elkin told the Prime Minister. “People are allowed to disagree during a debate but it must not become personal.”

“If things I said last week were taken as a personal insult to you, Prime Minister, I wish to apologize,” he continued. “I did not intend it that way.”

Elkin added that he had wanted to apologize Monday, but was unable to do so because of Netanyahu’s injury.

“I hope, and am confident,that we will continue to cooperate and work together as we worked together for the past three years,” he concluded.

During the days leading up to a vote on the regulation bill, Elkin made his displeasure with Netanyahu’s call to vote against the bill clear. “I think the Prime Minister… should have listened to his colleague’s views,” he told reporters.

In another statement, Elkin accused Netanyahu of making “a serious mistake” and called on his fellow Likud MKs to defy the Prime Minister and vote for the Regulation Bill.